The Small Gatsby Collaborates with Isabell Kinga Markus


London artist Isabell Kinga Markus collaborates with The Small Gatsby in a new project where fashion meets art.

This is Isabell’s second collaboration with The Small Gatsby. The first project with the children’s couture clothing label came about in 2013 many years after brand architect and creative director of The Small Gatsby Teresa Zimmermann first met her high school friend’s new girlfriend in London, where the creative sparks flew! Years later Teresa contacted Isabell and she became the first painter to be featured by The Small Gatsby in one of their early limited artist editions.Junior Style Blog: The Small Gatsby And Isabell Kinga Markus collaborateIn the summer of 2016, when the team were brainstorming and trying to find a new angle to promote their very Viennese AW16 Euer Gnaden (Her Majesty) collection, Teresa’s managing partner and designer Anita Dorner thought it would be a great idea to ask Kinga if she would like to collaborate once again.Junior Style Blog: The Small Gatsby And Isabell Kinga Markus collaborateFor the new collaboration, Kinga drew Vienna in rough charcoal illustrations, capturing the grand faces of the buildings, the corners and little narrow streets she loses herself in when visiting her partner’s home city – and The Small Gatsby family.

Creative director Teresa then combined these sensual perspectives of Vienna, with Isabelle Köhlers brilliant captures of the AW16 collection, creating deep and stunning takes on art: an enthralling blend of illustration, photography and statement design.Junior Style Blog: The Small Gatsby And Isabell Kinga Markus collaborateYou can view the AW16 Euer Gnaden collection here.

To find out more details on the work of Isabell Kinga Markus click here or follow Isabell on Instagram.

View the Small Gatsby Brand Profile featuring the AW16 Euer Gnaden collection.



Photography: Isabelle Köhler

Euer Gnaden collection by Anita Dorner

Artwork Creation by Teresa Zimmermann



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