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Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and over indulged! I don’t think there is a better combination other than over indulging in tasty food whilst washing it down with some fine wine and being surrounded by good company?!! Do you all agree or do you all agree?

Joining me this week is childrenswear store owner Elena!

Good morning Elena, thank you so much for joining me today. Let’s start off by you telling us a little bit about yourself! Have you always lived in England?

No, I first came over to England 13 years ago for a summer course and never went back! The first degree I studied was languages in Romania. When I came to England I was lucky enough to be offered a job in a hedge fund. I then went on to work in an off shore asset management company. Since then I have completed my Masters in Politics at USC as well as a Law degree which resulted in me gaining a job with one of the top City firms as a corporate solicitor.

What then made you decide to open a childrenswear store?

Fashion was always my passion. It’s simple…I simply LOVE clothes. When our son was born, he was called the “designer baby” by the nursery staff. This is when I have started looking for stylish designer clothes which were made of a good quality but also at an affordable price. I discovered that Mayoral ticked all of the boxes and was the perfect choice. I now have the exclusivity to develop Mayoral as a chain in the UK. I hope that I will be able to introduce this amazing brand to the wider public.

Tell us about Mayoral…

Mayoral is a Spanish company going back to 1941. They are very well known in Spain and Portugal and have over 130 shops in Spain alone. It’s a family owned business and it exports to over 60 countries.

Is the name Mayoral Spanish or is there a story behind it?

Yes, it’s a Spanish surname.

What makes it different from other brands on the market at the moment?

In Drapers record over the last couple of years Mayoral always comes up in either the first or second place above all of the other well known brands like Ralph Lauren, Timberland or Catimini. In my opinion the reason is that there is the perfect Design-Quality-Price ratio. In addition, Mayoral could be your one stop shop for classic designs, trendy pieces, sporty collections, pj/socks/underwear and of course a significant selection of footwear. Furthermore, Mayoral’s collection for boys is as big and as diverse as for the girls.

What do you think about childrenswear style in England in comparison to Spain?

They are very different! The fact that the weather is very is a huge factor as you have little boys wearing shorts and tights in winter whereas this could very rarely be done in England. For boys there are mostly bold colors and for girls short sleeve dresses and cardigans are the most popular pieces.

What childrenswear brands are your favourite?

I am very much a classic kind of girl. Ralph Lauren, Bonpoint, Marie Chantal, Chloe – they’re the ones that I always tend to favour.chit mayoral 1What projects are you working on at the moment?

We are opening our second shop in Bluewater shopping centre in January, so it’s a rather busy time for us. We have also recently launched our website which is named after the names of my two beautiful children.

Thank you so much for joining both Elena and myself for this week’s Chit Chat Tuesday! Make sure you tune in next week for some more chinwagging…

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Post by Kate Hill from Circus London Pr.
Photographs courtesy of Elena Sirghi.

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