Trade Show: Playtime Tokyo SS17

Playtime Tokyo 15th Edition

The last week in August saw the 15th Edition of Playtime Tokyo take place and we were very lucky to have our colleague, Model and Mum to one, Jillian Kate Savoie attending the show.

We are very lucky to be partnering with Playtime Tokyo currently, for a special collaboration. Jillian was on a mission to select her top three children’s clothing brands, homewares and accessories brands to present to you and to put forward to the Playtime vote.  Find out more on the Junior Style London collaboration with Playtime Tokyo at the this at the end of this post!

The 15th Edition of Playtime Tokyo was the last chapter in the season of trade shows for Playtime.  Held at Belle Shibuya Garden Playtime Tokyo showcased 240 Japanese and international brands.

Playtime Tokyo 15th Edition

Jillian’s round up of the Playtime Tokyo.

The biggest theme I saw this year and one of the more interesting elements to me was more and more brands using biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials and vintage dead stock fabric in the production of their clothing line.  Go Earth!

There was a divide between minimalist and maximalist styles.  A selection of brands stayed easy with their simple mixed recycled cottons, wools, cashmeres and used minimalist colours, which I think is beautiful as it reminds me of the early 20th Century or 1800’s.  Whilst other children’s clothing brands went big with their beautiful tulle dresses with little rosettes, unisex silk Parisian trousers, beautiful architectural lace ruffles blouses and were more flamboyant.

Top Three Kids Clothing Brands

1. Little Creative Factory use slow production and work with locals to produce the best items for their customers. Winner of the Milk Japan Fashion Award this season, Little Creative Factory use simple fabrics, colours and styles to create clothing for Free Spirited children and adults.

Playtime Tokyo 15th Edition

Playtime Tokyo 15th Edition

2. A little French brand born in Japan, Pierlot is my second choice and is a kids costume dream.  The designs are simple and cute with a Japanese twist.  Layering ruffles over rompers and trousers under dresses mixes Japanese and Parisian designs to create the perfect outfit for special events or every day wear.

playtime tokyo pierlot

playtime tokyo pierlot

3. Oaks of Acorn, use bold colours, soft fabrics and cut and sew designs that would make any adult envious of their children’s clothing.  There is a baby yoga and sports line accompanying the apparel line.  I simply loved the designs and think it is a brand to watch!

Playtime Tokyo 15th Edition

Top Three Accessories Brands

1. De Nachos is an accessories company from Northern Japan which is sure to bring the Wild West out in your little munchkin.

2. I adore Maa shoes, perfect for any little hipster.  Animals, foods, sequins and bold colours make up the 2017 collection.

3. Another of my favourite footwear brands was Ninos a Italian styled shoe made in Japan, that uses wonderful pale colours.

Playtime Tokyo

Three Top Homewares Brands

1.Zinazol, a truly unique brand that lets your mind wonder into majestic places and whose products are made of biodegradable materials, for example recycled milk cartons. The simple puzzle pieces can be stacked and sculptured it to any design.

2.Duduk a Dutch brand designing Teepee’s, bedding and furniture made in Bali won the Milk Japan award for Lifestyle is my second favourite brand for this category.

3. Abode a furniture brand that has designed a sturdy toy box that doubles up as a push cart or walker, also winner of a Milk Japan award for Design.

Playtime Tokyo Round up

Playtime Tokyo Round up



One of my all time favourite brands is Tree House.  Following the birth of her little boy, Belgian fashion designer Anja Schwerbrock started Tree House, her baby fashion collection. Subtle stylish shapes provide a minimal chic look.  The fabrics used are really really soft, which is what I mostly look for when purchasing clothing.  Here are some of my favourite styles for SS17.

Playtime Tokyo Tree House brand

Playtime Tokyo Tree House Brand

Playtime Tokyo Tree House Brand


To vote for your favourite brands, as chosen by Jillian, visit the Playtime Tokyo website.

To be in with a chance of winning a 100€ from the winners from Playtime Paris and New York simply follow Junior Style London on Instagram to keep up to date on the launch of the imminent competitions that will be held via Instagram in the next 10 days.

Junior Style have chosen our favourite 9 brands from the Playtime Tokyo show and now it is your chance to vote for the best brands from our selection.  Once we have 3 winners, Junior Style will be giving you a chance to win 100€ from our top three brands.  Place your votes HERE.

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